Friday, May 28, 2010


Wow. Did oBOMBa ever blow it last night at the press conference. Now I know he aint no superman or nothing but I expected that he would have presented himself as a "man with some kind of plan," not so much for "closing the damn hole," but I thought at least he would have had some encouraging words for the poor folk down along the Lousianna Coast who have been stranded down there crying for help as they watch the "black gold" creep up their beaches and into the marshlands killing eveything in sight including their livlihoods and their towns. Not one word did he utter regarding shoreline protection., that is, until some concerned reporter bought the question up. oBOMBa's response was to let US all know that his focus is (and apparently always has been ) to stop the hole. My question to him then would have been "But Mr President, why cant we do both." Hummm. No good at multi-tasking, eh? I told you oBOMBa never gave a dam about the working class, the poor OR the environment, and his true colors came out last night,....and it aint black and it aint white or anything in between,...oBOMBs true colors are what they have always been and that is varying shades of money and/or BP green. Good-bye America we loved you, hello to the United Corporate States of America, and the same old IOUSA.

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