Friday, May 28, 2010

Pres Late for an Important Date: Will He Stand US up?


2:26 pm EST: And all is not well with the well today, and oBOMBa is Running Late.

Right now, CNN is covering oBOMBa's visit to the devastated Louisiana Gulf Coast communities, that is, they are supposed to be,.......he is only about 45 min late.(supposed to make another speech like he did the other day, reassuring America that he is on top of everything, that he is the bossman in charge.

TV guy says he was supposed to start at 1:30, so he is a good two hours late. I wonder where he could be.

2: 51 pm still waiting on the prez,..it was thought that he was out surveying the damage with the fishermen,...but they just got word he is not. Now it is reported that his is officially among the missing.

2: 57 pm: Whoops! There he is....

Hes talking about the efforts to close up the well,...hell, those people down there dont wanna hear that,...now he is talking about the damage down there being "minimal at the local level." Can you believe it? Minimizing the damage down there! Didnt he see all them hundreds and hundreds of dead animals and birds that are just now starting to wash up on shore. Now hes back on the hole again.
Now he says something needs to be done immediately. Is he for real? Those people been asking for help for weeks! He is saying how he/they/them (his co-horts) have been engaging in the biggest clean up ever before in the history of our country. The people down there ask where? Where are the burms and the boats and the sucker-ships they been asking for to draw some of that thick black tar like oil up?

Talking about stopping that god dam leak again....what about the shoreline? He is supposed to be there to talk about the shoreline. Those people are tired of playing second fiddle to the hole.

Oh now he just ordered "the man in charge " of cleanup down there, the Coast Guard guy whats'is'name, Fat Allen? Told him to double the workforce,...and now he says, the world is going to continue to help in whatever it takes to make things right...promises to cut through the bureaucratic red tape.

Just when I thought it couldnt get worse,...now he is talking about freeing up some small business loans, ...promising to help the fishermen to rebuild their businesses,...doing what, I ask, growing fish on the worlds largest fish farm factory, you know, where you "grow them" in giant tanks in the yard. Wouldnt that be novel? The fishermen wouldnt need no boats. Think of the $$ they'd save...now he is on that buckstopping kick again....oh defending our natural resources is it now, and he is re-affirming his soloum pledge, you know, the same one he made to them a month ago when he did his first obligatory walk around.

Oh the redundancy of this guys speeches,...why does he keep repeatin himself, why does he go on and on moving his lips and jaw but not saying much of anythiing? Now hes talking about the importance of the eco-systems,...did you all hear me I said NOW he is talking about them, when for the last month he paid it no concern at all! Wa happen? I cant take any more, oBOMBa you gotta go.... who do you think your foolin. You aint running no show.

Now hes talking about "the good beaches," in the area, reminding US that its only THREE that are ruined. He asks US to help keep the economy going by considering taking our vacations down there, to one of them beautiful beaches that aint been spoiled,.....yet. And come to think of it, who do you know that can afford to take any vacation this year, with the lousy stinkin sinkin economy? Geeze, Mr oBOMBa wont you please get a grip. Aint nobody I know that can afford no vacation trip.

T. Boone dont hold out much hope for the "top kill" method to work,...as he said on the LKL show last nite....he predicted that it will be 8 or 9 months til the hole is fixed, and will only happen when they finish building that secondary line they been workin on since day one.

Newsflash: They have stopped dumping the mud into the hole again...it is a very risky business, they say, and they dont wanna take any chances of another blow out and making the hole any worse. Plan C sounds like another top-hat attempt,...that is the next plan of action. OMG even they are sayng now on CNN this out of control blow hole could go on for months and months and months,..

More promices to solve the problem but again he didnt say which one. He wasent specific, and could have meant either one, or maybe both. Time will tell,. End of Speech. (Not very convincing) The pres departs. I think he is done, ...and I am not talking about his speech.

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