Friday, May 21, 2010

Message from Dr. Mercola's Camp

Hi there,

Both the editor and I have been writing about Muslim issues this week, issues concerning Muslim women, their health, happiness, dignity and future in western societies. There can be hardly any western country that is not exercised to some degree by the challenge of integrating Muslim immigrants with their varied, often admirable, but sometimes unattractive and even cruel customs.

In the unattractive category is the veiling of women's faces -- something practiced by a small minority from only a few countries, but disturbing to run into and a bone of contention in France and Belgium right now. Does it really matter if a few Muslim women go about with their faces hidden, or has it become an excuse for airing Islamophobia? I've thought carefully about this and conclude that it does matter, that the custom would be better dropped, but that the solution involves a change of attitude among western women as well. Correct me if I'm wrong.

In the cruel category, surely, is the practice of female genital cutting, even in its milder forms and even though women themselves may defend and celebrate it. Michael Cook looks behind the surprising and widely condemned decision of the American Academy of Pediatrics to drop their long-standing and categorical opposition to the practice in favour of a compromise "nick". He sifts the facts, the reasoning of the AAP, the inconsistency of some critics, the ethics -- and comes to a conclusion that I think you will agree with. You can tell him if he's wrong.
Before I leave the subject of attributing moral fallibility I should point out that psychiatrist Theron Bowers is in on this act as well, roundly condemning American TV anchorwoman Katie Couric for acting as a cheerleader for prescription drug abuse on a recent 60 Minutes. You will be astounded at what happened on this show (if you haven't already seen it).

For those still scratching their heads over Greece, Germany, banks, debt and other mysteries of over-evolved societies Stratfor analysts Marko Papic, Robert Reinfrank and Peter Zeihan have it sussed. It took three of them though, this time.

Carolyn Moynihan
Deputy Editor

PS: Don't underestimate Muslim women -- see Media Watch link, Saudi woman beats up virtue cop


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