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How to Find Employmet as a Mercinary

We were talking on another blog about the Gulf Coast Disaster when someone asked why dosent oBOMBa bring in some military forces to help with the clean-up and here is what I said in way of reply:

"...Our US forces are stretched to the limit fighting for our freedom and democracy so they cant spare none. The US is in such dire need of fighting forces that we now depend heavily on hiring dis-interested mercenaries; http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/guns-for-hire-afghanistan/

..and the merciniaries of the world (mostly ex-military) are lovin it!

It is a very lucrative and growing business these days, organizing themselves and even holding job fairs across the land; open this link and page all the way down to find out....

How to Find a Mercinary Job;

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BPs Rap Sheet


White House Admits Dirty Deed a Done Deal

Is oBOMBa's goose cooked?

Pres Late for an Important Date: Will He Stand US up?


2:26 pm EST: And all is not well with the well today, and oBOMBa is Running Late.

Right now, CNN is covering oBOMBa's visit to the devastated Louisiana Gulf Coast communities, that is, they are supposed to be,.......he is only about 45 min late.(supposed to make another speech like he did the other day, reassuring America that he is on top of everything, that he is the bossman in charge.

TV guy says he was supposed to start at 1:30, so he is a good two hours late. I wonder where he could be.

2: 51 pm still waiting on the prez,..it was thought that he was out surveying the damage with the fishermen,...but they just got word he is not. Now it is reported that his is officially among the missing.

2: 57 pm: Whoops! There he is....

Hes talking about the efforts to close up the well,...hell, those people down there dont wanna hear that,...now he is talking about the damage down there being "minimal at the local level." Can you believe it? Minimizing the damage down there! Didnt he see all them hundreds and hundreds of dead animals and birds that are just now starting to wash up on shore. Now hes back on the hole again.
Now he says something needs to be done immediately. Is he for real? Those people been asking for help for weeks! He is saying how he/they/them (his co-horts) have been engaging in the biggest clean up ever before in the history of our country. The people down there ask where? Where are the burms and the boats and the sucker-ships they been asking for to draw some of that thick black tar like oil up?

Talking about stopping that god dam leak again....what about the shoreline? He is supposed to be there to talk about the shoreline. Those people are tired of playing second fiddle to the hole.

Oh now he just ordered "the man in charge " of cleanup down there, the Coast Guard guy whats'is'name, Fat Allen? Told him to double the workforce,...and now he says, the world is going to continue to help in whatever it takes to make things right...promises to cut through the bureaucratic red tape.

Just when I thought it couldnt get worse,...now he is talking about freeing up some small business loans, ...promising to help the fishermen to rebuild their businesses,...doing what, I ask, growing fish on the worlds largest fish farm factory, you know, where you "grow them" in giant tanks in the yard. Wouldnt that be novel? The fishermen wouldnt need no boats. Think of the $$ they'd save...now he is on that buckstopping kick again....oh defending our natural resources is it now, and he is re-affirming his soloum pledge, you know, the same one he made to them a month ago when he did his first obligatory walk around.

Oh the redundancy of this guys speeches,...why does he keep repeatin himself, why does he go on and on moving his lips and jaw but not saying much of anythiing? Now hes talking about the importance of the eco-systems,...did you all hear me I said NOW he is talking about them, when for the last month he paid it no concern at all! Wa happen? I cant take any more, oBOMBa you gotta go.... who do you think your foolin. You aint running no show.

Now hes talking about "the good beaches," in the area, reminding US that its only THREE that are ruined. He asks US to help keep the economy going by considering taking our vacations down there, to one of them beautiful beaches that aint been spoiled,.....yet. And come to think of it, who do you know that can afford to take any vacation this year, with the lousy stinkin sinkin economy? Geeze, Mr oBOMBa wont you please get a grip. Aint nobody I know that can afford no vacation trip.

T. Boone dont hold out much hope for the "top kill" method to work,...as he said on the LKL show last nite....he predicted that it will be 8 or 9 months til the hole is fixed, and will only happen when they finish building that secondary line they been workin on since day one.

Newsflash: They have stopped dumping the mud into the hole again...it is a very risky business, they say, and they dont wanna take any chances of another blow out and making the hole any worse. Plan C sounds like another top-hat attempt,...that is the next plan of action. OMG even they are sayng now on CNN this out of control blow hole could go on for months and months and months,..

More promices to solve the problem but again he didnt say which one. He wasent specific, and could have meant either one, or maybe both. Time will tell,. End of Speech. (Not very convincing) The pres departs. I think he is done, ...and I am not talking about his speech.


Wow. Did oBOMBa ever blow it last night at the press conference. Now I know he aint no superman or nothing but I expected that he would have presented himself as a "man with some kind of plan," not so much for "closing the damn hole," but I thought at least he would have had some encouraging words for the poor folk down along the Lousianna Coast who have been stranded down there crying for help as they watch the "black gold" creep up their beaches and into the marshlands killing eveything in sight including their livlihoods and their towns. Not one word did he utter regarding shoreline protection., that is, until some concerned reporter bought the question up. oBOMBa's response was to let US all know that his focus is (and apparently always has been ) to stop the hole. My question to him then would have been "But Mr President, why cant we do both." Hummm. No good at multi-tasking, eh? I told you oBOMBa never gave a dam about the working class, the poor OR the environment, and his true colors came out last night,....and it aint black and it aint white or anything in between,...oBOMBs true colors are what they have always been and that is varying shades of money and/or BP green. Good-bye America we loved you, hello to the United Corporate States of America, and the same old IOUSA.

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Toxic America

CNN's Toxic America series, which will air June 2 and 3 at 8 p.m. ET, will take a look at conditions in Mossville, Louisiana, as well more places across the country throughout the year;


Milking the Herd (US)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

Shigellosis Outbreak in Kentucky Continues to Spread

What is Shigellosis? A Food-Borne infectious disease; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shigellosis

Date: Fri 14 May 2010
Source: ProMed and

Kentucky health officials in 3 counties are attempting to battle an
outbreak of shigellosis that has continued for several weeks, but
despite their efforts, the disease continues to spread.

The outbreak, 1st reported at the beginning of May 2010, has more
than doubled in size every week, according to weekly updates from
local news media. There are now a reported 30 cases in Daviess
County; additional cases have been confirmed in Meade and Hardin counties.

Most of those sickened by the outbreak are children under 13.
Shigellosis is a highly contagious disease caused by a bacterial
infection and is spread mainly through food and drink contamination.
Day care workers say the disease is especially common among young
children who routinely put things in their mouths and don't wash their hands.

In response, health officials are urging residents to constantly wash
their hands. Day care workers are also urging kids to wash their
hands and warning parents about the possible symptoms and precautions
associated with a shigellosis outbreak.

[Byline: Danielle Koagel]

Communicated by:

[The species of _Shigella_ in the outbreak is not stated. Indeed,
because this infection spreads more readily than salmonellosis with a
low inoculum, it is easier to transmit in day care and school
settings. - Mod.LL]

[For a map of the USA with states, see
(Kentucky is abbreviated as KY). - Mod.MPP]

[see also:
Cholera, diarrhea & dysentery update 2010 (08): Asia 20100524.1723
Cholera, diarrhea & dysentery update 2010 (07): Asia, Americas 20100324.0936
Cholera, diarrhea & dysentery update 2010 (06): Africa 20100319.0881
Cholera, diarrhea & dysentery update 2010 (05): Asia, Africa 20100219.0573
Cholera, diarrhea & dysentery update 2010 (04): Africa 20100216.0550
Cholera, diarrhea & dysentery update 2010 (03): Asia, Oceania 20100212.0499
Cholera, diarrhea & dysentery update 2010 (02): Africa 20100208.0428
Cholera, diarrhea & dysentery update 2010 (01): Europe, Asia 20100205.0387
Cholera, diarrhea & dysentery update 2009 (30) 20091125.4044
Cholera, diarrhea & dysentery update 2009 (01) 20090102.0015
Cholera, diarrhea & dysentery update 2008 (57) 20081231.4125
Cholera, diarrhea & dysentery update 2008 (01) 20080104.0047
Cholera, diarrhea & dysentery update 2007 (67) 20071231.4200
Cholera, diarrhea & dysentery update 2007 (01) 20070105.0047
Cholera, diarrhea & dysentery update 2006 (52) 20061229.3646
Cholera, diarrhea & dysentery update 2006 (01) 20060106.0040]

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ObombA Begs US for $$$ to Fight for Financial Reform

Dosen't he know all of US are broke, struggling to feed ourselves and stay in our homes, those of US that still have them, that is??

Dear Christine,

On Thursday, the Senate passed historic Wall Street reform. This movement proved again that the strongest special interests, who for so long have called the shots in Washington, can be beat.

When opponents in Congress tried to block the legislation altogether, you stood up -- and they backed down. When the lobbyists pushed for loopholes and exemptions just before a final vote, you did not relent -- and we fought them off.

Your support brought us to this day -- and, because of that, we're poised to implement sensible reforms that will provide a stronger foundation for economic growth.

Now, the House and Senate must iron out their differences before I can sign it into law. But the financial industry will not give up. They have already spent more than $1 million per member of Congress, lobbying on this issue. And in the coming days, they will go all in. This is their last shot to stall, weaken, or kill reform, and they are not accustomed to losing.

But this movement has you -- and together, we have beaten the special interests before.

Please donate $5 or more today to help counter the special interests' attacks and get strong Wall Street reform to my desk.

Every American has a stake in this bill.

If you have ever been treated unfairly by a credit card company, this reform works for you -- never again will Americans be duped by fine print or hidden fees.

If you ever try to take out a home loan or student loan, this reform works for you -- putting an end to predatory and deceptive lending practices.

And, if you or your small business relies on credit from community banks that are being punished for playing by the rules while their competitors do not, this reform works for you -- reining in the big banks and making sure all our lenders are subject to tough oversight.

These reforms would put in place the strongest consumer financial protections in history. And, by helping safeguard our economy from recklessness on Wall Street, it would ensure that a crisis like the one that caused this recession never happens again.

This is not a zero-sum game where Wall Street loses and Main Street wins. As we have learned, in today's economy, we are all connected. When the economy prospers, we all win. Senators of both parties recognize that fact, and that is why lawmakers stood up to the lobbyists and worked across the aisle to ensure that Wall Street reform passed.

But this fight is not yet over. And it is up to us to overcome this final test and pass reform into law. When we do, the power of this movement to make change in Washington -- despite the best efforts of the special interests -- will no longer be up for debate.

Please donate $5 or more today:
(click on pic to enlarge)


Thank you,

President Barack Obama

Not a

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UN Division for Sustainable Development; In Other Words; Pop-Con

I said "pop-con," as in "population control," not "popcorn!"

UN on Population (Control)


Citizen Attacked by Counsel-Members for Voicing Complaints at City Counsel Meeting

Counselwoman who "left her seat" to blame

UN / US Behind International Push for Birth Control

In 1959, a Presidential Committee on US Foreign Aid Programs, chaired by Gen. William Draper, Jr., recommended that the US Gov't should assist countries that requested help in designating programs to deal with rapid popuation growth and that it should support research on the topic.

Excerpt from the report of the 43rd Session;

By the 1960's,...the UN General Assembly had designated that decade as the decade of development, reflecting a growing international consensus that development should be an important objective of UN assistance. Evidence was accumulating that rapid growth population could wipe out the gains accruing to economic development by diverting resources from development to consumption. Modernization, it was felt, required investment not only in capital equiptment but also in human capital, such as health and education. High birth rates and a young population hampered the ability of developing countries to save and invest sufficiently in order to raise the countries per capita income and improve living standards (Coale & Hoover, 1958, Notestein, 1964) ..................

By 1971, the UN Population Committee policy was no longer treated in a cautious and indirect manner, but as an explicit concern.

The UN Dept of Economic & Social Affairs, Population Division: (Once you open this link, be sure to see the "Publications" page;

Full Report from 43rd Session;


Friday, May 21, 2010

UN Economic & Social Council

So where are they now and what are they doing to help Haiti and other nations in dire need?


Could they be "pop-con" artists? You betcha!

See here; http://publikeye.blogspot.com/2010/05/is-your-government-trying-to-kill-you.html

Message from Dr. Mercola's Camp

Hi there,

Both the editor and I have been writing about Muslim issues this week, issues concerning Muslim women, their health, happiness, dignity and future in western societies. There can be hardly any western country that is not exercised to some degree by the challenge of integrating Muslim immigrants with their varied, often admirable, but sometimes unattractive and even cruel customs.

In the unattractive category is the veiling of women's faces -- something practiced by a small minority from only a few countries, but disturbing to run into and a bone of contention in France and Belgium right now. Does it really matter if a few Muslim women go about with their faces hidden, or has it become an excuse for airing Islamophobia? I've thought carefully about this and conclude that it does matter, that the custom would be better dropped, but that the solution involves a change of attitude among western women as well. Correct me if I'm wrong.

In the cruel category, surely, is the practice of female genital cutting, even in its milder forms and even though women themselves may defend and celebrate it. Michael Cook looks behind the surprising and widely condemned decision of the American Academy of Pediatrics to drop their long-standing and categorical opposition to the practice in favour of a compromise "nick". He sifts the facts, the reasoning of the AAP, the inconsistency of some critics, the ethics -- and comes to a conclusion that I think you will agree with. You can tell him if he's wrong.
Before I leave the subject of attributing moral fallibility I should point out that psychiatrist Theron Bowers is in on this act as well, roundly condemning American TV anchorwoman Katie Couric for acting as a cheerleader for prescription drug abuse on a recent 60 Minutes. You will be astounded at what happened on this show (if you haven't already seen it).

For those still scratching their heads over Greece, Germany, banks, debt and other mysteries of over-evolved societies Stratfor analysts Marko Papic, Robert Reinfrank and Peter Zeihan have it sussed. It took three of them though, this time.

Carolyn Moynihan
Deputy Editor

PS: Don't underestimate Muslim women -- see Media Watch link, Saudi woman beats up virtue cop


Addressing the Spectrum of Biological Risks: A Policy Agenda for the U.S.

From the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation; http://cns.miis.edu/testimony/pdfs/tucker_jonathan_b_100318.pdf

Urgent Message from Sean Penn's Camp

Every day that we are on the ground in Haiti, we are reminded of the high stakes of our work. Our medical director, Dr. Justine Crowley, sent me the heartbreaking letter below, which I wanted to share w ith you. She told me about a young boy of 14, who died from advanced respiratory diphtheria last week --- a death that could have been prevented with adequate medical infrastructure.

Please read her letter (below) and make a donation to help us reach a day when no more lives are lost to preventable diseases: Donate Here

J/P HRO is dedicated to providing much-needed medical care and equipment and building medical facilities in Haiti, but we need your help. No one person can solve this crisis, but working together we can save lives and make a tremendous difference.

Thank you for all that you do,
Ana LaDou
PS: We could really use more medical volunteers. Please consider volunteering.

From: Dr. Justine Crowley
Date: Sun, May 9, 2010 8:13
To: Ana LaDou
Subject: A young life lost
Ana ---

A young boy of 14 with advanced respiratory diphtheria died overnight. The death of this boy was not just another death in Haiti. His life was fought for by many individuals who made extraordinary efforts to work around and through a broken system. And it took a Herculean effort to get the boy appropriate care. The crisis began at 8 AM and continued for the next fourteen hours. This effort involved first transporting the patient --- having a working vehicle and driver capable of navigating the traffic, and debris of the streets of Port-au-Prince, finding an appropriately equipped and staffed hospital, and finally, finding and accessing the immunoglobulin. It is only because of the efforts of many INDIVIDUALS that these tasks were accomplished.

Yet, despite the success of the first day, nothing was done in a timely manner --- with the exception of obtaining a culture swab for analysis. The immunoglobulin was administered immediately after delivery to General Hospital where the boy was admitted but acquiring the immunoglobulin required the director of the PROMESS warehouse (the only location in all of Port-au-Prince with the immunoglobulin) to leave his home and meet the JP Staff at the warehouse at 9:30 PM. This delay may well have affected the eventual outcome due to the continued progression of an already advanced disease process.

IF the boy had been immunized, he would not have gotten sick. IF there was appropriate communication between hospitals, it would not have taken 6+ hours to place the child in a bed. IF the MSPP had a better system for reporting disease, and coordinating necessary immunoglobulin delivery, the child might have received the immunoglobulin at 10:30 AM, not twelve hours later as was the case.
A child's life was likely lost today due to the complete absence of a comprehensive system.

This painful experience is yet another reminder of why you, Sean and I and all our fantastic volunteers and donors must keep working day and night to provide medical care and make sure that this never happens to another child. We desperately need funds and resources to immunize people against diphtheria and other terrible diseases that are beginning to spread. And we need the infrastructure and equipment to keep those medicines from spoiling and make sure they are readily available when needed.

If you can get this message to our great supporters around the world, I know they will do what they can to help --- as they always do. Knowing that they are behind us every step of the way is what keeps us going.

Thanks, Ana.
--- Justine

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Is Your Government Trying to Kill You?

Or,..."Why No Help Will Come to Haiti in Time to Ward Off Dyptheria Epidemic"

Funny thing about all these "new old" diseases floating around in the air today;brucellosis,rocky mountain spotted fever, plague, tularemia, typhoid, yellow fever, dysentery, rinderpest,botulinum toxin, anthrax, Q fever, bovine TB, hanta, sars, and so many many more,....while doing a little research on biological weapons of mass destruction (BWMD) I have learned that nearly all of these viruses' are the exact same agents governments have been experimenting with for use in biological and chemical warfare,.....just a coincidence, hummmmm, whada' you think?

Chemical and Biological Weapons: Possession and Programs Past and Present

Bear in mind also as you read that their is MAJOR concern by the Powers-That-Be (PTB) about a world over-population crisis who are exploring ways to control it. A few of the most famous "pop-con" worriers are Bill Gates, Ted Turner, Opra Winfrey and George Soros. Just recently they attended a meeting of world leaders to discuss this very issue. Sounds crazy, I know, so dont take my word for it. Do you own research and here is a good place to start; an informative read compiled on the subject by a well-respected doctor;

The Population Control Agenda

More On Pop-Con, biological weapons and The Georgia Guidestones; http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7411242739075082187&ei=KD56S5WoDZKClgev0-y1CA&q=biological+weapons+in+the+usa&hl=en&view=3#docid=-6993877947157119814

see also:"Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation;"

and then theres this: ChemTrails; http://www.educate-yourself.org/ct/#intro

As you read, consider the dire situation so many poor countries are currently in,...with starvation and disease run rampant,.. Haiti is only just one example. People, particularly children, have already started to die of preventable infectious diseases,...see Sean Penn mourning on national TV the other day over a 14 yr old boy that died in his arms for want of a simple vaccine, and he warns,.... thousands more will follow if help dosen't come soon. Check out Sean Penns Urgent Plea to the world in the link below;


The race to ward off a disastrous epidemic is on, but will any runnners come to Haiti's aid? My answer, well maybe, ....but not before 1/2 or more of the population dies off, as is all a part of the "Elites Population Control Plan" to cause or allow the "less - desirables" and the needy of the world die off, as recommended in "The Georgia Guidestones."

See related; http://yeolecogers.blogspot.com/2010/05/food-for-thought.html

(Bloggers Note: blaming it on rats)
May - 2010 A ProMED-mail post

ProMED-mail is a program of the
International Society for Infectious Diseases

[1] Chile (Los Lagos), suspected
Date: Fri 7 Mar 2010
Source: Cronicalibre.cl [in Spanish, trans. Mod.TY, edited]

The Epidemiology Unit of the Los Lagos Health SEREMI [Regional Ministerial
Secretariat] has reported the case of a 25 year old woman suspected of
having contracted [a] hantavirus [infection], being treated at the Base
Hospital of Puerto Montt. The woman, a resident of the Colaco sector
(Callbuco community), is a direct family member of a previous case of [a]
hantavirus [infection], who was [also] admitted to the Puerto Montt Base
Hospital. This case was a man of 39 years, who died in April this year [2010].

An epidemiological team is today (Friday [7 May 2010]) carrying out an
environmental and epidemiological investigation in order to determine the
risk factors which could have caused the infection, which has not been
confirmed by the ISP [Instituto de Salud Publica - Public Health
Institute]. And so, in Osorno province, there have been 4 hantavirus
[infections -- probably of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS). - Mod.TY],
one of whom died -- a man of 48 years, a resident of a locality near San
Juan de la Costa.

In the agricultural lands of the ANCHILE company, in the La Cumbre area (on
the route to Puacho), Monica Winkler of the Los Lagos Health SEREMI
together with a team of health professionals and zoonoses, addressed the
monitoring of forestry workers of the company as well as gave an
educational talk about hantaviruses to the more than 15 workers who were on
the job.

"Our concern is to protect the workers from [acquiring] hantavirus
infections, verifying the environmental conditions such as, for example,
garbage disposal, water or elements that could be incident to the
appearance of the pygmy long-tailed rat [_Oligoryzomys longicaudatus_], the
vector [reservoir] of the hantavirus [Andes virus]," said Winkler, who
added, "we could show that the workers have good infrastructure and
adequate conditions."

After carrying out the inspection, with the zoonoses [unit] of the
institution in charge, together with this health authority, they gave an
educational talk to the more than 15 workers of the company, provided
educational material, insisting that self-care measures [such as], "good
garbage disposal [which] is basic to keeping the long-tailed rat away,
ventilation of places that have been unoccupied and also not eating wild
fruits without washing them are measures which could be very useful in
these types of occupations," Monica Winkler explained.
communicated by:
HealthMap Alerts via ProMED-mail

[The relationship of the suspected female HPS case to the agricultural
company and workers is not clear in this report. Presumably, the
epidemiological and environmental investigations were carried out in the
place where the infection may have been acquired. Although not stated in
this report, the hantavirus involved is doubtless Andes virus. Andes virus
is the only hantavirus thus far demonstrated to be transmissible among
family members in very close contact.

One wonders if there was transmission of the virus to the woman from the
man mentioned as being a "direct" family member of hers. ProMED-mail would
appreciate receiving confirmation (or not) of the Andes virus etiology of
this case.

An image of the long-tailed pygmy rice rat (_Oligoryzomys longicaudatus_),
the sigmodontine rodent host of Andes hantavirus, can be seen at .

An interactive map of Chile showing the location of Colaco can be accessed
at . A map of Chile showing the administrative divisions including Los Lagos province can
be seen at . A HealthMap/ProMED-mail
interactive map of Chile can be accessed at .
- Mod.TY]

[2] USA (New Mexico), suspected
Date: Thu 6 May 2010
Source: Santa Fe New Mexican [edited]

A McKinley County woman is hospitalized in Albuquerque with [a] hantavirus
[infection], making her the 1st person in New Mexico to contract the deadly
disease so far this year [2010]. The state Health Department says an
environmental investigation will be done to determine where the 44 year old
woman may have been exposed to [virus infection and developed] hantavirus
pulmonary syndrome [HPS].

[A] hantavirus is contracted by breathing particles of rodent droppings,
urine or saliva. Early symptoms include fever and muscle aches, a headache,
nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and cough. Health Department
veterinarian Paul Ettestad says officials want everyone to be aware that
[a] hantavirus is present throughout the state and precautions need to be
taken to avoid exposure.

In 2009, New Mexico had 4 cases of hantavirus [infection, probably HPS. -
Mod.TY], none fatal. In 2008, there were 2 cases, both fatal.
communicated by:
Therese A Catanach
Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX USA

[It is unfortunate that this and other reports refer to "hantavirus" as
though there was just one species that causes human infection and HPS. The
hantavirus responsible for this and the previous cases mentioned is almost
certain to be Sin Nombre virus.

A map showing the location of McKinley County in northwestern Ne Mexico can
be accessed at . A map showing the location of New Mexico in the southwestern USA can be accessed at . A HealthMap/ProMED-mail interactive map of the USA can be accessed at
. - Mod.TY]

[see also:
Hantavirus update 2010 - Americas (23): Chile (BI) 20100506.1476
Hantavirus update 2010 - Americas (21): Chile, Argentina 20100427.1357
Hantavirus update 2010 - Americas (20): Chile (AR) 20100422.1305
Hantavirus update 2010 - Americas (19): Chile (LL) 20100422.1297
Hantavirus update 2010 - Americas (18): Chile (ML) 20100420.1285
Hantavirus update 2010 - Americas (16): Argentina, Chile 20100407.1125
Hantavirus update 2010 - Americas (15): Chile, Bolivia 20100402.1050
Hantavirus update 2010 - Americas (14): Chile (AI, LG) 20100329.0990
Hantavirus update 2010 - Americas (13): Chile 20100322.0915
Hantavirus update 2010 - Americas (10): USA (CO) 20100304.0708
Hantavirus update 2010 - Americas (07): Chile 20100215.0534
Hantavirus update 2010 - Americas (06): Chile 20100213.0515
Hantavirus update 2010 - Americas (05): Chile, conf. 20100210.0467
Hantavirus update 2010 - Americas (04): Chile, susp., RFI 20100209.0448
Hantavirus update 2010 - Americas (03): USA (CO) 20100129.0316
Hantavirus update 2010 - Americas (02): Chile 20100119.0210
Hantavirus update 2010 - Americas (01): Chile 20100108.0097
Hantavirus update 2009 - Americas (12): USA, pediatric 20091223.4323
Hantavirus update 2009 - Americas (11): USA (CA) 20091214.4245
Hantavirus update 2009 - Americas (10): USA (NM) 20090918.3281
Hantavirus update 2009 - Americas (08): USA (NM, AZ) 20090708.2452
Hantavirus update 2009 - Americas (06): USA (NM) 20090511.1753]

See also:

FDA says "No Cause for Concern"

A ProMED-mail post

ProMED-mail is a program of the
International Society for Infectious Diseases

Date: Thu 13 May 2010
Source: The Marker [in Hebrew, trans. Mod.AS, edited]

Bird flu has appeared in the Palestinian Authority [PA]. Following
the death of numerous chickens in Tulkarm, the PA sent several dead
birds to the laboratories of the Veterinary Services at Beit Dagan.
The lab investigation revealed the deadly avian influenza.

[Israel's] Ministry of Agriculture Inspection Unit for Fauna and
Flora, which carries the responsibility for the control upon animal
and plant movements, has intensified its control upon the border
crossings, gateways and passages between the West Bank and Israel to
prevent smuggling of infected poultry.

The Director of Israel's Veterinary Services, Dr Moshe Haimovich, has
urged the public to buy poultry and eggs only in regulated stores/enterprises.

Last week, the highly pathogenic avian influenza was discovered in
the small children's zoo of Kibbutz Ein Gedi, where all avians were
destroyed by the inspectors of the Services to prevent the spread of
the epidemic.

[Byline: Amiram Cohen ]

Communicated by:

[Tulkarm is on the eastern side of the border between Israel and the
PA (West Bank); see, about 14 km east of Netanya, in the map at

An official confirmation and details are anticipated. - Mod.AS]

[see also:
Avian influenza (26): Israel (HD), emu, OIE 20100507.1486
Avian influenza (09): Israel (HA) update 20100203.0364
Avian influenza (08): Israel (HA) resolved, OIE 20100202.0355
Avian influenza (04): Israel, Bangladesh, China (Xinjiang) 20080104.0045
Avian influenza (03): Israel 20080103.0023
Avian influenza - worldwide (87): Russia, Israel 20060413.1098
Avian influenza, worldwide (88) - Asia, Europe: OIE 20060415.1122
Avian influenza - worldwide (78): Germany, P.A., India 20060405.1018]

ProMED-mail makes every effort to verify the reports that
are posted, but the accuracy and completeness of the
information, and of any statements or opinions based
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Saturday, May 8, 2010




A ProMED-mail post

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Date: Fri 7 May 2010
Source: CIDRAP News [edited]

Another rotavirus vaccine found to contain porcine circovirus
Merck, the company that makes the most commonly given rotavirus vaccine in
the United States, yesterday said it has detected very low levels of DNA
from porcine circovirus (PCV) in its Rotateq vaccine, making it the 2nd
rotavirus vaccine found to contain PCV. The company said in a press release
that it used highly sensitive assays to test its vaccine after an
independent testing laboratory found evidence of the virus in the other
US-licensed rotavirus vaccine, Rotarix, made by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).
On 22 Mar 2010 the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommended that,
although it doesn't appear that the Rotarix poses any safety risks,
physicians should suspend administering it until government and industry
scientists could review the findings.
The FDA's vaccine advisory panel was scheduled to discuss the Rotarix
findings today [Fri 7 May 2010], and yesterday in advance of the meeting it
posted a notice on Merck's PCV findings for its vaccine. It said
preliminary studies from Merck had identified DNA fragments from PCV
subtype 1 (PCV1), the same subtype found in GSK's vaccine, as well as from
PCV subtype 2 (PCV2).
The FDA said neither has been known to cause illness in humans, though PCV2
can cause illness in pigs. It also said it has no evidence that either of
the vaccines poses a safety risk and that both have strong safety records.
At today's meeting of the FDA Vaccine and Related Biological Products
Advisory Committee (VRBPAC), members were briefed on the latest study
findings from FDA and industry scientists. Most members said the benefits
of the rotavirus vaccines clearly outweigh the risks, though several
expressed concerns about the PCV2 findings in Merck's vaccine, due to the
fact that it can cause disease in pigs.
Yesterday the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported
that the last 2 rotavirus seasons were shorter than past seasons and that
vaccine coverage has risen to 72 per cent. However, usage is about 13 per
cent lower than 2 other childhood vaccines commonly given to infants. The
CDC findings appear in the latest issue of Morbidity and Mortality Weekly
Report (MMWR) .
Some VRBPAC members today voiced a need for transparency when talking to
parents about the rotavirus vaccine PCV findings, but they also worried
that news about contamination with extraneous virus fragments could erode
some of the gains in vaccine coverage.
[byline: Lisa Schnirring]
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Date: Thu 6 May 2010
Source: FDA (Food and Drug Administration), Vaccine, Blood and Biologics

Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee meeting
Background material -- porcine circovirus and rotavirus vaccines
The Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee meeting on
7 May 2010 will discuss the findings shared with the public on 22 Mar 2010,
that porcine circovirus type 1 (PCV1) DNA was found in GlaxoSmithKline
Biologicals' Rotarix Vaccine. Additional data pertaining to the Rotarix
vaccine will also be presented to the committee.
The FDA recently received information from Merck and Co, Inc that its
preliminary studies have identified fragments of DNA from PCV1 and from a
related porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) in its RotaTeq vaccine. Merck's
findings suggest that the number of PCV DNA fragments in its vaccine may be
smaller than what has been found in Rotarix. These preliminary findings
will be included in discussions with the committee.
The FDA has been working closely with manufacturers of the 2 licensed
rotavirus vaccines, has consulted with experts inside and outside of the
federal government, and has considered issues related to the novel testing
that led to the identification of PCV.
The FDA has no evidence to date that these findings pertaining to Rotarix
and RotaTeq pose a safety risk. Both vaccines have strong safety records,
including clinical trials involving tens of thousands of patients and
clinical experience with millions of patients.
PCV1 and PCV2 are both small, circular viruses composed of a single strand
of DNA. PCV1 and PCV2 are common in pigs. Neither PCV1 nor PCV2 are known
to cause illness in humans, however PCV2 may cause illness in pigs.
Rotarix and RotaTeq are the 2 US licensed vaccines indicated for the
prevention of rotavirus disease in infants. Rotavirus disease causes the
deaths of more than 500 000 infants around the world each year, primarily
in low and middle-income countries. Before the introduction of vaccination,
the disease caused more than 50 000 hospitalizations and several dozen
deaths in the US each year. Rotavirus vaccines are given by mouth to
infants to prevent rotavirus disease, which can cause severe diarrhea and
The FDA will continue to work with both GSK and Merck as additional testing
is conducted by both the manufacturers and FDA to further assess the
findings of PCV DNA in rotavirus vaccines.
After considering the input of the committee's experts and the available
scientific information, the FDA will make further recommendations on the
use of the licensed rotavirus vaccines in the US. The FDA will provide
updates to the public and clinical community through
and other communications.
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[Rotavirus is the leading cause of severe acute gastroenteritis (vomiting
and diarrhea) among children worldwide. Two different rotavirus vaccines
are currently licensed for use in infants in the United States. The
vaccines are RotaTeq (RV5) and Rotarix (RV1). Before being licensed, both
vaccines were tested in clinical trials and shown to be safe and effective.
In these studies, during approximately the 1st year of an infant's life,
rotavirus vaccine was found to prevent almost all (85-98 per cent)
rotavirus illness episodes that were severe and to prevent 74-87 per cent
of all rotavirus illness episodes.
The presence of fragments of the genomic DNA of the 2 circoviruses in both
vaccines suggests that the contamination was present in the original
rotavirus isolate from which the vaccine viruses were derived, and that the
contamination was not introduced during subsequent development and
production of the vaccines, but that remains to be established
conclusively. So far there appear to have been no deleterious consequences
resulting from the presence of these contaminants in the vaccine. - Mod.CP]
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