Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Instant I Heard the News I Knew: Our Troops are in Danger of Torture

Way back when the story first broke in 04' about the torturing of inmates in our military prisons abroad,....I heard it on the TV news. It must have been a local station I was watching then, before my C-Span-junkie days. Anyways, I remember thinking,....after seeing some of the torture pictures, (tor-pics I am calling them now, for short) the FIRST thought that came into my mind,.. and it was like, instantly,...was, OMG, "our troops are going to pay for this!" Then I thought, ...surley they must know that this type of behavior is going to cause retaliation against our troops, or worse yet, innocent civilians, you know, the "collateral damage" people, the "unintended consequences" of war. What in the world were they thinking in torturing those people? Certainly not that it was what their god or gods might have wanted them to do. The christians might have asked,...WWJD?

Anyways, now I lost my train of thought. Where am I going with this, oh yeah.

I was readin an online article the other day about the "new" tor-pics that Obomba refuses to release, you know, the ones (alleged to be) showing rape and "ass"ault and all that funky stuff. (The Daily TellyGraphUK, May 28, 2009) It was something in that article that a Big-Whig Major General said in Obombas defense that really got to me. It was Maj. Gen. Taguba, retired in 07' who said, (something to the effect) "I believe President Obomba has made a wise decision. Disclosing these pictures to the public will only (inflame the hearts of our enemies?) and endanger our soldiers lives.....

and right away I am thinking, duh. What a dumb bastard you are! And these are the kind of jerks that are (actually) running our country (remember, they are all a part of our (our) Military Industrial Complex, each and every individual is a link in the chain, ... all a part of that great big all powerful Complex (MIC) Military Fightin Machine, and IT DOES (like it or not) run our country.

Anyways, where was I again? I get so carried away and confused sometimes, not just in my writing but in my whole life of late it seems. Oh well. What can I do? Blame it on old age I guess, and I do, among other things, yes I do. I beleive I have earned that right simply by living long enough to having commenced to degeneration. The gradual, inevidable eventual breaking down of everything, not only the mind. Its the eyes, ears, joints, feet, knees and back that are going going or gone, and a whole lot of achin inbetween. Oh and the awful stinkin shrinkin, yes, we musent fergit that. I lost about 1/4" already to my height, so yes, I have that old-age syndrome too, and so in good faith & conscience, I can and will claim the "age" excuse for all my physical & mental "failures." I can. I earned it. I deserve it, so I am dern well going to use that excuse. Im old, I ache, and I am not ashamed to say. So there and so what and now what? ...Back to what I was gettin' at, before I ferget agin.

The reason I got so mad at this guy saying that is cause, well, I am thinking,....if he thinks publicizing those pics will jeopardize the safety of our troops, you know, as in, "inflaming our enemies hearts (even more so?) against us than they already are,..I am wondering just what in the hell does he think LETTING THE WHOLE WORLD KNOW that AMERICA IS "A" OK WITH TORTURE will do for our troops, any American citizen or the whole USA in general? How stoopid can a military man be not to see that our condonation of torture in itself is endangering not only our troops but our whole nation as well? And world-view, how the rest of the world percieves us? Fergitaboutit....they hate us already. WTF? Releasing the new tor-pics, no matter how cruel, gross and disgusting they may (or may not) be, sure aint gonna hurt or damage our reputation as a county much more than it already is. As for "inflaming our enemies," fergitabout that too. They are on fire against us already, and fire can only burn so hot. But oh, the awful pictures, we musent release them,..cant release them,...dont wanna piss off our enemies, dont wanna "endanger the troops." ....Endanger the troops? You got to be kiddin me. The troops are always in danger. They live in danger. How much more in danger could they possibly be by the release of those pics that by now our enemies (and others who "dont like us") know that it was/is happening and is US condoned? Nah. Fergitaboutit again. Its not about nothin' to do with endangerment, though it does have to do with caring,... caring about their own asses. Ray Charles could see through that. So can some of US.

So what is "the care" about in not releasing the pics?

Can you spell N-A-T-I-O-N-A-L- E-M-B-A-R-R-A-S-M-E-N-T? or D-I-S-G-R-A-C-E- or P-R-O-S-E-C-U-T-I-O-N-of-O-F-F-E-N-D-E-R-S-and-millions maybe billions of dollars in L-A-W-S-U-I-T-S-and-R-E-N-D-I-T-I-O-N-S- the stoopit fuk(x).

The good news is, not all Americans are so stoopit as to believe everythin some hi-falootin' military or politician-type folk may tell us, and there will always be intelligent "inquiring minds" that want to know and will conscienciously set out to find the truth behind the lies. For some Americans, education dosent end with graduation from any school. It comes from a never-ending unquenchable thirst for knowledge and, of course, a love of, nay, a need for,...truth. And we can thank the heavenly powers-that-be for that, which are infinately more just and wiser than the suckass special-interest powers-that-be on earth, me thinks.
What say you, my fellow Americans?

Well, maybe.

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